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September 13, 2019
What was Stanford student life like in the past? The Stanford Historical Society (SHS) wants to hear about Stanford alumni's experiences of their class. At each Reunion Homecoming Weekend, SHS Oral History Program staff and volunteers conduct interviews for the Stanford Alumni Stories collection....
September 04, 2019 | Stanford News
[This article was originally published by Stanford News Serviceon September 4, 2019] Harbaugh, former chair of the Department of Geology, was a foundational figure in mathematical geology and active in campus leadership. He died July 28 at age 92. By Taylor Kubota
March 28, 2019 | Stanford News
[This article was originally written by Kate Chesley and published by Stanford News Service on March 28, 2019.] Years from now, when historians piece together the story of Stanford, they may be listening to the tales of faculty, staff, students and alumni rather than reading them.
February 01, 2019
Stanford undergraduate and graduate students are invited to seek the 2019 Stanford Historical Society Beyers' Prize for Excellence in Historical Writing. The prize aims to increase awareness of the University’s history through the use of the University Archives and other sources. The Society also...
February 01, 2019
The Oral History Program is seeking a summer intern for 2019. Stanford undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply. More information and details on how to apply are available at