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Recent News

April 20, 2022
The Stanford Historical Society (SHS) members will vote on a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors at the annual members’ meeting, May 17, 2022. Voting will take place in person at the meeting and via an online poll for the remote members. The slate includes new candidates--Kristen Domingo...
March 09, 2022
Registration is now open for the History in Community conference and online workshops to be held May 11-14.  This unique event offers participants a chance to engage, from multiple perspectives, with the many local histories that surround us–from the history embodied in Stanford’s historic campus...
May 31, 2021
"A triple redwood frond slipped" describes in heraldic terms the symbolic redwood frond found in all of Stanford's heraldry.  Inspired by this image, Stanford Historical Society will be updating one of the symbols it uses to represent the organization in the coming months. The imagery of this...
May 31, 2021
A new Spotlight exhibit on John W. Gardner provides a glimpse at his life and distinguished career in public service, as well as his time at Stanford as a student, trustee, professor, and mentor.
May 28, 2021
The Stanford Historical Society (SHS) members enthusiastically elected five new members to the society’s Board of Directors on May 13, 2021.