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Susan W. Schofield Oral History Award Recipients

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Established in 2018, the Susan W. Schofield Oral History Award is given annually by the Stanford Historical Society Oral History Program for excellence in the practice of oral history. 

Its purpose is to encourage oral history at Stanford University, to strengthen the collections of the Stanford Historical Society (SHS) and the Stanford Libraries, and to recognize excellent quality in oral history work. Below is the list of our past recipients. 

Year Award Recipient(s)
2018 Susan W. Schofield
2019 Barre Fong and Connie Young Yu--Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project
2020 Betsy G. Fryberger--Arts at Stanford Project
2021 Dharshani Lakmali Jayasinghe--In Transit: An Oral History Project about Crossing Borders
2022 Michael Kahan and Nova Meurice--Urban Studies at 50
2023 Eric Knight--Voices from the Hennessy Presidency