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Beyers Prize Winners

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The Beyers Prize recognizes Stanford students’ awareness of and interest in the university’s history, as demonstrated through the use of the University Archives, Stanford Libraries, and other sources. The society also hopes to encourage excellence in writing and research among students. Successful entries will be considered for publication in future issues of Sandstone & Tile,published three times a year by the Stanford Historical Society.

Year Winner Essay Title
2002 Lydia Poon (Inaugural winner, Undergraduate Division) The Limits of Progressive Vision: Undergraduate War Service at Stanford University, 1916-1918
2003 Katherine Buchanan (Graduate Division) Barbed Wire Neurosis: Education, Assimilation, and Japanese American Internment
  Kathryn Gin (Undergraduate Division) Nineteenth-Century Interpretations of Leland Stanford Jr.’s Death
2004 Rebecca Freeland (Undergraduate Division) Segment of a Larger Whole: Gender and the Sorority Debate at Stanford University
  Tamara Venit (Graduate Division) The Chinese Who Are Living in the Vicinity: The Chinese Students Club at Stanford University, 1916–1942
2005 Jane Lilly (Undergraduate Division) “If These Walls Could Talk”: A History of Roble Halls
2006 no winner  
2007 n/a  
2008 Alice Ann Spurgin  (Winner, Undergraduate Division) The Farm behind "The Farm"
  Alexa Merz (Honorable Mention, Undergraduate Division) Christ and Redemption in the Death of Leland Stanford Junior
2009 Travis Koch (Undergraduate Division) The Broken Pillars of the Past: Religion, Family, and the Founding of Leland Stanford Junior University
2010 no winner  
2011 no winner  
2012 Barbara Wilcox (Graduate Division) "Fremont, The Flirt": Unearthing Stanford’s World War I Battleground
2013 Cole Manley (Undergraduate Division) Cooperative Association, the Individual, and the "Robber Baron": Leland Stanford
2014 Meredith Wheeler (Undergraduate Division) Moral Citizens: Coeducational Transformation at Stanford, 1965-1969
2015 Benjamin Daniel Mercer-Gold (Undergraduate Division) From the Bushes to the Bedroom: Reframing Rape at Stanford, 1958-1992
2016 no winner  
2017 Holly Dayton (Undergraduate Division) Education for the Masses and for the Exceptional: On the Intersection of the History of Western Civilization and Independent Study at Stanford University, 1935-1941
2018 Emma Joan C. Fowler (Undergraduate Division) Aid Over Arms: Scholars Succor German-occupied Belgium in World War I
  Sapna Marfatia (Graduate Division) Beneath the Facade: Memorial Church's Venetian Mosaics
2019 Lena Catherine Giger (Undergraduate Division) The Right to Participate and the Right to Compete: Stanford Women's Athletics, 1956-1995
  Tom Westphal (Graduate Division) From Stanford Law to Shanghai: The Legal Career of the Honorable Milton J. Helmick—Last Judge of the U.S. Court for China
2020 Molly Culhane (Undergraduate Division) A More Than Adequate Dose of Nonsense: Sex, Social Regulation, and Institutional Change in Stanford’s Allen Controversy
2021 no winner  
2022 Julia Lindsay Milani (Undergraduate Division) Playing the Game at Your Own Risk: Dating, Sexuality, and Rape Culture at Stanford University in the 1930s
  Jevan Bhutani Yu (Undergraduate Division) Tainted Fruits of Labor: The Stanford Grape Controversy, 1988-2000
2023 no winner