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Karen Bartholomew Award Recipients

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The Karen Bartholomew Award was established in 2005 to recognize significant and distinguished volunteer service to the Stanford Historical Society (SHS) over a number of years.

2024    Michele Marincovich 
2023    Andy DiPaolo; Jan Thomson 
2022    Larry Horton 
2021    Leslie Kim; Roxanne Nilan 
2020    *postponed 
2019    Stephen W. Player 
2018    Mary Montella and Sunny Scott; Norm Robinson 
2017    Richard W. Cottle 
2016    Patricia Devaney 
2015    Charlotte Kwok Glasser 
2014    Margaret Ann Fidler 
2013    Pam Brandin; Joyce Kiefer 
2012    Peter Stansky    
2011    Susan Schofield 
2010    Susan Sweeney 
2009    Margaret McKinnon 
2008    Bob Hamrdla 
2007    Miriam Palm 
2006    Marian Adams 
2005    Karen Bartholomew (Inaugural Award Recipient)