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Architectural details of the arches in the Main Quad

Past Stanford Historical Society Presidents

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1st James T. Watkins IV* 1976-1978
2nd Harvey Hall* 1978-1980
3rd H. Donald Winbigler* 1980-1982
4th Ray Lyman Wilbur Jr.* 1982-1984
5th Bruce Wiggins* 1984-1986
6th H. Donald Winbigler* 1986-1987
7th Rixford Snyder* 1987-1989
8th Rosemary Hornby* 1989-1991
9th Alf Brandin* 1991-1993
10th Alberta Siegel* 1993-1995
11th Rosemary McAndrews* 1995-1997
12th Margaret Kimball 1997-1999
13th John W. Harbaugh* 1999-2001
14th G. Robert Hamrdla 2001-2004
15th Susan W. Schofield 2004-2006
16th William E. Stone 2006-2008
17th Therese Baker-Degler 2008-2010
18th Charles Junkerman 2010-2012
19th Susan Sweeney 2012-2014
20th Troy Steinmetz 2014-2016
21st Laura Jones 2016-2019
22nd Richard Yuen 2019-2020
23rd Geoffrey Cox 2020-2023