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Palo Alto Stock Farm employees in front of the Red Barn

Sandstone & Tile

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Sandstone & Tile originally appeared as the Stanford Historical Society Newsletter and the inaugural issue was published in April, 1976, three months after the founding of the society. In the second year, the newsletter’s founding editor, Peter C. Allen, launched an annual feature issue, naming it Sandstone & Tile. In 1985, the newsletter was permanently renamed Sandstone & Tile by co-editors Karen Bartholomew and Roxanne Nilan. The journal publishes research articles on various aspects of Stanford history, in addition to serving as a chronicle of the history of the society.

Three handsomely printed and illustrated issues are published each year. A copy of each issue is mailed to all members of the society as a membership benefit. Digital copies of recent issues are available below.

List of main topics in all the issues

Spring/Summer 2023, Volume 47, No. 2 

  • How a Stanford Speech Scandal Led to the Invention of Academic Freedom: The Case of Edward A. Ross | Emily J. Levine
  • George Shultz: Citizen of Stanford | Philip Taubman, John Taylor
  • Historical Society News
  • From the President, 2022–2023
  • In Memoriam: Andy Doty

Winter 2023, Volume 47, No. 1

Photo of Sandstone & Tile Vol 47 No 1
  • Who Killed Jane Stanford? | Richard White
  • John Hennessy: Inside the President’s Office, excerpt from Voices from the Hennessy Presidency, a new book published by the Stanford Historical Society
  • Q&A with Eric Knight, editor of Voices from the Hennessy Presidency
  • SHS News

Fall 2022, Volume 46, No. 3

  • The Department of Music | Carl B. Schmidt
  • “We Must Keep Our Standards High” | Roxanne Nilan
  • Stanford Historical Society Membership
  • SHS 2021-22 Financial Summary

Spring/Summer 2022, Volume 46, No. 2

  • Coach John Ralston: Stanford’s Golden Bear | Roxanne Nilan
  • The Road to Roses: John Ralston and Black Football Players at Stanford | Roxanne Nilan
  • History in Community: Conference and Workshop
  • From the President, 2021–2022

Winter 2022, Volume 46, No. 1

Sandstone & Tile Winter 2022, Volume 46, No. 1
  • Jim Mock: China Boss at the Stanfords’ Palo Alto Farm | Julie Cain
  • Planting the Seeds of Race and Ethnic Studies on the Farm: The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity | Al Camarillo


Fall 2021, Volume 45, No. 3

Sandstone & Tile Fall 2021, Volume 45, No. 3
  • Rocking the Boat: Student Governance & Activism Evolves, 1960–1966 (Exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming book Stanford’s Wallace Sterling: Portrait of a Presidency, 1949–1968)|Roxanne Nilan and Cassius Kirk
  • Stanford in the Last 125 Years | Karen Bartholomew and Roxanne Nilan
  • Membership Roster, 2020-2021
  • Financial Summary, 2020-2021


Spring/Summer 2021, Volume 45, No. 2

Spring/Summer 2021, Volume 45, No. 2
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Look Back after 50 Years | Philip Zimbardo, Paul Costello
  • A Steeple of Excellence: The Architecture of Hoover Tower | Sapna Marfatia
  • Stanford in the Last 125 Years | Karen Bartholomew and Roxanne Nilan
  • From the President, 2020-2021 | Geoffrey Cox


Winter 2021, Volume 45, No. 1

Sandstone & Tile Winter 2021, Volume 45, No. 1
  • A Life of Impact: Lou Henry Hoover, Class of 1898 | Elena S. Danielson
  • The Forgotten History of Stanford University Press | Alan Harvey
  • Stanford in the Last 125 Years | Karen Bartholomew and Roxanne Nilan