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Frost Amphitheater

Stanford Historical Society Newsletters

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The Stanford Historical Society (SHS) newsletter, Stanford History Today, is published quarterly. Please visit this page for the upcoming issues. To subscribe to SHS emails and newsletters, please sign up for our email list on this page.

Publication DateIssue Title
3/1/2024Stanford History Today | Stanford Women Faculty, Gender Research, Martin Luther King, Jr., and More
12/15/2023Stanford History Today | Year in Photos, Upcoming Programs, Paul Berg, Sterling Photo
9/15/2023Stanford History Today | Wallace Sterling Book Launch, Eugenics at Stanford, Summer Interns
6/15/2023Stanford History Today | Board Election, Annual Awards, History in Community, Bio-X, and Other News
3/20/2023Stanford History Today | Jane Stanford, Academic Freedom, Voices from the Hennessy Presidency, and More
12/16/2022Stanford History Today | Voices from the Hennessy Presidency, Rare Book Collections, John R. Ralston, and More
9/21/2022Stanford History Today | Title IX, Oral History Interns, Alumni Interviews at Reunion Weekend
6/10/2022Stanford History Today | President's Report, China Boss, Annual Awards
3/2/2022Stanford History Today | History in Community, Friends of Music, Women's March
12/1/2021Stanford History Today | Reunion 2021, Ethnic Studies, Sandstone & Tile Redesign, and More
9/1/2021Stanford Historical Society Newsletter | Sam McDonald, Campus Architecture, Stanford's Heraldry
6/1/2021Stanford Historical Society Newsletter | New SHS Symbol, New Board Members, Award Announcements and More
3/2/2021Stanford Historical Society Newsletter | Black History, Women's History, Upcoming Events and Other News
5/1/2020Stanford Historical Society | John Warnecke, Annual Election, Deans of Humanities & Sciences, and Digital Offerings
3/10/2020Stanford Historical Society | Frost Amphitheater, Computer Science, Alumni Interviews, Heart Transplant 
8/23/2017Stanford Historical Society | Alexander Kerensky, Home of Champions, Historic Houses VII
1/4/2017Stanford Historical Society | Herbert Hoover, Ken Arrow, New Deposits in Oral Histories