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Featured Interviews

Lorry Lokey

Lorry I. Lokey, a pioneer in the news service business, discusses the founding and growth of Business Wire, and the sale of the company to Warren Buffet. He also reflects on the impact of his Stanford education and his work on The Stanford Daily.

Nel Noddings

An interview with Graduate School of Education Professor Emerita Nel Noddings, a philosopher and educational researcher best known for her ethics of care theory .
Saul Rosenberg wearing white medical jacket

Saul Rosenberg

Candid reflections from a pioneer in the treatment of lymphoma who helped develop the field of medical oncology.

Interview Projects

Arts at Stanford

Faculty, staff, students, and donors on nurturing the arts at Stanford.
Professor Al Camarillo at a meeting

Diversity Project

Stanford's efforts to increase diversity and support diverse students.

In Transit Project

International students and administrative staff describe the visa process.
Myra Strober sitting at her desk circa 1972

Pioneering Women

Life stories of trailblazing women on the Stanford faculty and staff.
Staff standing behind the concrete sign for the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid

Staff Interviews

Behind the scenes perspectives from staff key to sustaining Stanford.
Panel participants seated at a table

Taking the Mic

Fifty years after the Taking the Mic protest of April 1968, participants recall this transformative event.
Stanford participants at Women's March

Women's March

Testimonies from the 2017 Women’s March on Washington