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Patricia Ryan Madson

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Patricia Madson Ryan and her husband dressed as Jane and Leland Stanford wave from a carriage.
Patricia Ryan Madson and Ron Madson as the Stanfords. (Photo: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service)

Patricia Ryan Madson, senior lecturer, emerita, in the Department of Theater and Performance Studies, speaks about her career teaching improvisation and acting and the creation of the Stanford Improvisors. Madson describes her upbringing and the path that led to her love of theater and teaching. She describes how she came to be introduced to improv and her unique approach to teaching it, which incorporates some of the ideas of Keith Johnstone and David Reynolds. She shares memories of her travels around the world; her collaborations with colleagues; and lessons from her book, Improv Wisdom. She also speaks about the role of lecturers at the university and her portrayal of Jane Stanford at various events.

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