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Alumni Interviews

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Students rejoicing at a Commencement ceremony
Interviews with Stanford alumni

Alumni Interviews

Stories of student life, academics, and the lessons learned from a Stanford education.

Selected Alumni Projects

Two interviewers and an interviewee sit at a table, preparing to conduct an oral history interview. All wear surgical-type masks.
Interviews at Reunion Homecoming

Alumni Stories

Interviews with alumni conducted at Reunion Homecoming over the years. Topics include coming to Stanford, student life, academics, and life after Stanford.

Interviews from the 2019

Black Alumni Summit

Interviewees reflect on coming to Stanford, the experience of Black students during their time here, accomplishments and challenges, and advice for current students. 

Interviews from the Latino Alumni Summit

Estánfor: Our Voices

Recorded at the 2019 Latino Alumni Summit, these interviews explore the life stories and educational experiences of Latino students at Stanford from the 1970s through the 2000s.

Interviews with Stanford donors

Founding Grant Society

Individuals who have made planned gifts to Stanford discuss their sense of connection to the university, memorable Stanford experiences, and the impact of Stanford on their lives.

Stories from the Muslim alumni community

Markaz Oral History

The Markaz Oral History Project collects stories from the Muslim alumni community to capture the activism and advocacy that lead to the creation of the Markaz Resource Center. 

Students at commencement ceremony
Native American Community at Stanford

Native American Alumni NACC

This collection contains oral history interviews with Native American alumni of Stanford University, as well as with staff members affiliated with the Native American Cultural Center. 

Stanford School of Nursing

Nurse Alumnae Interviews

Interviews with graduates of the Stanford University School of Nursing, conducted in 1988. Called the Lane Hospital Training School for Nurses until 1912, the School of Nursing operated from 1895 to 1974.

Interviews at the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

Peace Corps

During the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration at Stanford University in 2011, the Stanford Historical Society conducted interviews with fourteen Peace Corps volunteers.

Narratives of the Stanford LGBTQ+ Community

Stanford Pride

The purpose of the Stanford Pride Oral History Project is to preserve narratives of the Stanford LGBTQ+ community and engage alumni in documenting the community’s history.