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Reflections on Fifty Years of Faculty Governance, 1968-2018

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Faculty Senate meeting

Written, compiled and edited by Peter Stansky, Ethan W. Ris, Susan W. Schofield, Hans N. Weiler, and past senate chairs and academic secretaries
Stanford Historical Society

Stanford University’s Faculty Senate has now served for fifty years as the key instrument of the faculty’s participation in the governance of the university. It was born in the unsettled times of the late 1960s, against the backdrop of major social conflicts spilling over into America’s institutions of higher learning, and out of a search for more effective ways of involving faculty in shaping the academic future of their universities. This book has assembled a rich collection of documentation, reminiscence, and reflection on the Senate’s history since its founding in 1968. As these contributions show, the Senate has served the aspirations of its founders well and has been an important factor in Stanford’s dramatic rise to academic leadership in the world of higher education.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9847958-3-3.

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