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Wynter, Sylvia

Sylvia Wynter Photo

Sylvia Wynter

Chuck Painter / Stanford News Service
African and Afro-American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese
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Pioneering Women
Marine-Street, Natalie
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Sylvia Wynter, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and of African and Afro-American Studies, Emerita, shares reflections on her life and work. She describes growing up in Jamaica and the impact of colonialism and the anti-colonial movement on her life; her education in England; and her writings and research, including the concept of “the third event.” Wynter talks about how she came to Stanford and the way the African and Afro- American Studies Department helped to shape her thinking. Other topics include West Indian identity and the Boscoe Holder Dance Troupe, gender and anti-colonialism, and the production of her play, Maskarade, by Stanford’s Black Performing Arts Committee.

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