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Walecka, J. Dirk

Headshot of John Dirk Walecka

J. Dirk Walecka

Photo: College of William and Mary
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Faculty Senate
Marine-Street, Natalie
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J. Dirk Walecka, a former chair of the Stanford Faculty Senate, recalls the impact of the anti-Vietnam War movement in the 1960s as a factor leading to the creation of the senate. He explains the role of the Senate Steering Committee and how its work facilitated important legislative decisions. He describes the major issues during his term as senate chair from 1973 to 1974: a petition to reinstate ROTC on campus; legislation concerning teaching evaluations; the creation of a statement on academic freedom and a set of grievance procedures; and the implementation of a framework that defines faculty ranks, rights, privileges, responsibilities, and appointment criteria. Walecka also discusses the relationship between the senior administration and the Faculty Senate, as well as the role of the Advisory Board.

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