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Reaven, Gerald M.

Gerald Reaven
Medical School - Cardiovascular Medicine
Oral History Project: 
Smuga-Otto, Kim
Interview Year: 
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The first interview begins with Gerald Reaven’s decision to attend the University of Chicago for his undergraduate and medical degrees and what drew him to research. It continues with his decision to take a research fellowship at Stanford; his impressions of Stanford’s hospital in San Francisco with the University of Chicago’s medical program; his residency at the University of Michigan and his eventual return to the Stanford Medical School; and his experiments that proved type II diabetes was due to insulin insensitivity. The second interview focuses on Reaven’s administration experience within the Stanford Medical School and his role as the Director of the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center at the VA hospital, where he was able to implement “unconventional medical training.” He also recounts his work with committees to promote gender equality in medical admissions and tenure appointments, and what Stanford was like in the 1960s.