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Raffel, Sidney

Sidney Raffel Photo

Sidney Raffel

Stanford Medical History Center
Medical School - Microbiology & Immunology
Oral History Project: 
Berra, Kathy; Walsh, Cynthia Raffel
Interview Year: 
Oral History Type: 

Over the course of three interviews, Dr. Sidney Raffel discussed much of his professional and personal life. He began with his parents’ immigration stories from Riga, Latvia, and outside Vilnius, Lithuania, and a brief description of his own early education. Dr. Raffel then spoke about his educational experiences at Johns Hopkins and Duke, before moving to Stanford for further medical training and a career teaching, researching, and practicing medicine in Stanford’s Medical school. During his tenure at Stanford, he was Dean of the Medical School and Chairman of the Department of Medical Microbiology. He discussed some of his research topics, like poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, and mononucleosis. The interviews also encompassed some of his publications and work off-campus during sabbaticals and fellowships. The conversation concluded with a look at some of his activity during his lengthy retirement, including a passion for painting.

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