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Quinn, Helen R.

Helen Quinn Photo

Helen R. Quinn

Courtesy of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Archives and History Office
SLAC, Physics
Oral History Project: 
Pioneering Women
Waldron, Manjula
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Helen R. Quinn begins with her childhood growing up in Australia and how that experience, including intellectual discussions with her father and brothers, influenced her in life. Her family moved to the United States when she was college age. Quinn continues with her experiences at Stanford as a student and her decision to pursue a degree in physics. She talks about being a female in a largely male world. She recalls her experiences as a married student and as a post-doctoral fellow in Germany, followed by her experience at SLAC on her return to Stanford. She covers a variety of other topics, including the Paccei-Quinn Symmetry, tenure track issues, family life, women’s issues, salary inequities, her contributions in the field of physics and her awards. She concludes with her work in K-12 science education.