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From “Old Chem” To The Sapp Center: An Historic Renovation | Teaching Chemistry at Stanford

Old Chem
Joy Leighton
Richard Sapp
David Lenox
John I. Brauman

Stanford’s “Old Chem” opened its doors in 1902 and was home to the Department of Chemistry until 1989. Severe damage in the Loma Prieta earthquake required that “Old Chem” be closed. Surrounded by a tall hurricane fence for almost 30 years, “Old Chem” remained a much-admired historical building. A thorough renovation was finally undertaken and “Old Chem” reopened in 2016 as the Sapp Center for Science Teaching and Learning. With great care, the renovation retained the historic architectural character of this important building.

Remarks | Richard Sapp, Member, Stanford Board of Trustees, 2008-2013; A Short History of Old Chem and How It Was Restored | David Lenox, University Architect and Executive Director, Campus Planning & Design; Stanford Chemistry: Tradition and Transition | John I. Brauman, J. G. Jackson - C. J. Wood Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus