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Lyons, James W.

Lyons Photo

James W. Lyons

Photo: Susan Simoni Burk
Student Affairs
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Kiefer, Joyce
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In two interviews Jim Lyons describes his tenure as Dean of Students, the policies he tried to promote, and his approach to students in general, focusing mainly on undergraduates. He discusses Residential Education at length and how he viewed it as an extension of academic education. He describes his expectations of student behavior and how he turned challenging situations into teachable moments. He recalls the changes that took place in the make-up and culture of the student body during his tenure as Dean of Students. Lyons also talks about his work on the accreditation teams of a variety of colleges outside Stanford and his work with the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. He opens the first interview by describing his personal background and his experience in the administration at Haverford College in Pennsylvania and concludes with his work in the School of Education at Stanford.

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