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Jacobs, Charlotte D.

Charlotte Jacobs Photo

Charlotte Jacobs

Courtesy of Charlotte Jacobs
Medical School - Oncology
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Pioneering Women
Genovese, Jacqueline
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Charlotte Jacobs begins her interviews by discussing her happy childhood in a large family in Tennessee, and the pressure she felt being a young girl in the 1950s with dreams of being a doctor. She goes on to detail the influence of Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine trials, of which she was a part, and several other important milestones that empowered her to follow her dreams into medicine. She describes her journey from pre-med undergrad at the University of Rochester to post-doctoral fellow in oncology at Stanford University, under the supervision of Saul Rosenberg. She credits much of her success to this esteemed oncologist, under whom she could achieve her goal of succeeding in clinical research and patient care.

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