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Gartrell, Nanette

Nanette Gartrell Photo

Nanette Gartrell

Photo: Randal Dieringer
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Alumni Interviews
Pioneering Women
Marine-Street, Natalie
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In this oral history, psychiatrist, researcher, and author Nanette Gartrell (BA Human Biology 1972) discusses her family and educational background and traces the trajectory of a career devoted to overturning stereotypes and scientific misconceptions about homosexuality, providing non-homophobic healthcare, and preventing sexual misconduct by physicians. Topics include the ramifications of her personal experience of sexual abuse as a child; the emergence of her identity as a lesbian; Stanford student life in the late 1960s, including the meeting of the first organized campus group of lesbians; lesbian communities in Davis, California, and Washington, DC; and the women’s music cultural movement. Gartrell also highlights her work on various APA taskforces related to women and/or sexuality; the organizations Dyke Docs and Women in Medicine; her efforts to ensure the profession treated sexual abuse of patients by psychiatrists as a serious ethical violation; and the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, an investigation of American lesbian mothers and their children.

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