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Felstiner, Mary

Mary Felstiner

Mary Felstiner

Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service
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Faculty Spouses
Pioneering Women
Mahony, Zoe
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In this oral history, Mary Lowenthal Felstiner, a PhD alumna of Stanford University’s Department of History and Professor Emerita of History at San Francisco State University, offers reflections on her career as a teacher of women’s history and her research on the life of the German Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon and women and genocide. Felstiner discusses her upbringing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, her education at Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford, and how being a part of a dual career academic couple shaped her interest in feminism. Of special note are her discussions of teaching some of the earliest courses in women’s history and women’s studies at Sonoma State and San Francisco State University, the formation of the Teaching Workshop on Women’s History, and the beginnings of the Feminist Studies Program at Stanford. Felstiner also provides thoughtful insights into living with rheumatoid arthritis, the complicated intersections of feminism and disability rights, caregiving as a feminist political issue, and her marriage to the late John Felstiner, Professor Emeritus of English at Stanford.

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