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Efron, Bradley

Bradley Efron Photo

Bradley Efron

Chuck Painter / Stanford News Service
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Steinhart, Peter
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Bradley Efron begins his interview with his decision to come to Stanford and continues with the development of statistics as an established academic discipline at Stanford. He talks about a number of people who were significant in the field over the years. He explains the relationship of statistics to other disciplines and relates how some appointments are joint appointments with other departments. For example, Efron held a joint appointment in the medical school working with clinical trials. He comments on the evolution of statistics along with the evolution of computers from mainframe to desktop, and how that enables the research. He also discusses algorithms and inferences in relation to statistics and other disciplines, and tools such as “bootstrapping.” Then he spends some time talking about his experiences in leadership positions on campus as well as his experiences in publishing. He concludes with his thoughts about Stanford and how it grew from a “good” university to a “great” university.