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Capron, Bear

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Stanford Pride Oral History Project
Lin, Jason
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Bear Capron is a member of the class of 1972 at Stanford, where he studied drama and humanities. Capron begins this interview by talking about his upbringing, including growing up in Palo Alto as the son of a Stanford professor and moving to Maryland. He describes an early awareness of his sexuality, some of his early sexual encounters, and the process of coming out. A student at Stanford during the anti-Vietnam War protests in the late 1960s, he shares memories of sitting in at the Applied Electronics Laboratory, protesting at Encina Hall, and being suspended from school. Around the same time, the gay rights movement was picking up. He recalls largely unsuccessful efforts to connect with other gay students at Stanford and joining other activists in picketing the States Steamship Company over the firing of Gale Whittington, an openly gay employee. He goes on to describe leaving Stanford to pursue an acting career in New York, where he was living during the Stonewall riots, and traveling to Amsterdam, where he studied at a conservatory, acted in various plays, and worked as a Gestalt therapist.

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