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Bower, Gordon H.

Gordon Bower Photo

Gordon Bower

Chuck Painter / Stanford News Service
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Hartwig, Daniel
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Gordon H. Bower, the Albert Ray Lang Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, is a well-known cognitive psychologist. In his six-part oral history Gordon Bower traces the evolution of his career from his childhood, baseball playing, and education in Ohio to his retirement and current life at Stanford. Bower devotes the bulk of the interview to elaborating on his research program, beginning at Yale as a graduate student and continuing through his time at Stanford. He describes his work in learning and memory, including the study of human memory, mnemonic devices, retrieval strategies, recording strategies, and category learning. Bower also discusses his research on cognitive processes, emotion, imagery, language and reading comprehension as they relate to memory. In addition to his own research, Bower examines the work of colleagues and others who influenced him, including developments both within and outside of psychology. Bower recounts his service as associate dean and member of the Appointments and Promotions Committee at Stanford, president of the American Psychological Society, chief science advisor to the director of the National Institutes of Mental Health, and editor of the annual book series The Psychology of Learning and Motivation.