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Blau, Helen M.

Helen Blau Photo

Helen M. Blau

Amparo Garrido
Medical School - Microbiology & Immunology
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Pioneering Women
Waldron, Manjula
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Helen M. Blau talks about her personal, academic and professional journey, her early adventures in Europe and how her parents were instrumental in shaping her career in science. She discusses her family’s escape from Nazi Germany; her father’ return to Europe, and her broad education in US, Germany, and England. She credits her extensive travels in her youth for evoking her curiosity about everything. Blau recalls her studies at Harvard where she met her husband, their move to California when he got a job offer there, and her own work as a postdoctoral fellow in University of California-San Francisco before joining Stanford in 1978. She details how her career took off at Stanford as she applied her training, curiosity and interdisciplinary bent to the research in stem cell technology and regenerative medicine. She discusses how interdisciplinary collaborations were important to her academic success. Last but not least, Blau fondly recalls her relationship with her students, many of them were women.

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