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Barajas, Juan Carlos

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Stanford Pride Oral History Project
Lin, Jason
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Juan Carlos Barajas (1999 BA Psychology) talks about growing up in Klamath Falls, Oregon; gay student life at Stanford in the late 1990s; and his career as an advocate for LGBTQ issues. He describes social life on campus and his involvement with Stanford’s LGBTQ community center (now called Queer Spot) during an era when it did not receive robust university support. He also recalls experiencing homophobic verbal threats and how students reacted and organized in the wake of Matthew Shepard’s murder. He discusses his work with the nonprofit Outlet Program for LGBT Youth in Palo Alto, an LGBT community center in Berkeley, and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), as well as the campaign for marriage equality and other national nondiscrimination campaigns. He concludes by talking about his recent work in the technology industry and the need to eliminate the dangers the Internet can pose to members of the LGBTQ community in some countries.

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