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Arrow, Kenneth

Ken Arrow Photo

Kenneth J. Arrow

Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service
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Hibbard, Jane
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Professor Emeritus Kenneth Joseph Arrow discusses his long and varied career. He begins with a description of his family background and an extensive explanation of his educational background, from the early signs of intelligence through a special accelerated high school program and on to college and graduate school. His years in a doctoral program at Columbia’s department of economics was interrupted by military service during WWII, during which time Arrow received master’s level training in meteorology. Upon returning to Columbia, he completed his dissertation. Arrow explains his work for the RAND Corporation and the Cowles Commission in Chicago before moving to Stanford for its departments of economics and statistics. Arrow details much of his Stanford career, including his pride in the creation of the Department of Operations Research, SIEPR, and IMSSS. He offers reactions to his service in the Faculty Senate and the Advisory Board of the Academic Council, his takes on the administrations of several of Stanford’s presidents, his time at Harvard, and his subsequent return to Stanford in 1979. 

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