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Angell, Thomas

Professor Frank Angell (1857-1939), the father of interviewee Thomas Angell.

George Casper Branner photograph album (A0076). Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford University Libraries.
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Alumni Interviews
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About the Interview:

One of the earlier interviews in the society's collections is that of Thomas Angell, a Stanford alum (1915-16 AB Greek) and the son of Frank Angell (1857-1939), Stanford’s first professor of psychology and chairman of the faculty committee on athletics.  According to Stanford President Ray Lyman Wilbur, “[Frank Angell’s] influence had more to do than that of any other man in the development of widespread wholesome sports among the colleges of the Pacific slope.”[1] In 1933, the Old Oval practice track was renamed Angell Field in honor of Frank Angell.

In his oral history interview, Thomas Angell offers memories of Palo Alto at the turn of the twentieth century and recalls his father’s concern about commercialism in college athletics. Frederic O. Glover conducted the interview for the society in 1985.

[1] Lewis M. Terman, “Frank Angell: 1857-1939,” American Journal of Psychology 53, no. 1 (January 1940): 138-141.

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