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Interviews with former members of Stanford University's Board of Trustees recall key events and people in university history and explore the day to day aspects of university governance.

Oral Histories

2020 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Pioneering Women, | Project: Trustees
Interviewer: Waldron, Manjula; Marine-Street, Natalie
Dr. Linda Hawes Clever (BS 1961; MD 1965), an accomplished physician who served on the Stanford Board of Trustees for fourteen years, describes her family background, her education and medical training, her career in community and occupational medicine, and her experiences as trustee. She describes...
1988 | Project: Community, | Project: Leadership, | Project: Trustees
Stanford Community
Interviewer: Adams, Judy
John W. Dinkelspiel shares memories of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and a history of his family. Access Interview
| Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Trustees
Board of Trustees
Interviewer: Marine-Street, Natalie
This interview was conducted in 2019 and is currently in processing. We hope to have it up as soon as possible. Please direct any inquiries to
2020 | Project: Staff, | Project: Trustees
Board of Trustees
Interviewer: Schofield, Susan W.
Joan Fletcher Lane has been a Stanford staff member, volunteer, consultant, and donor for over forty years. She shares memories of her early life and her husband Mel Lane; describes the varied work she has done for the university, especially with the Board of Trustees and the School of Humanities...
2017 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Trustees
Board of Trustees
Interviewer: Earl, Marie
Linda Meier, a Stanford University alumna, former trustee, and a dedicated university leader and benefactor, provides anecdotal details and reflections on some of the iconic Stanford fundraising and outreach events that she spearheaded. She also discusses her student days at Stanford, the essential...