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Interviews with members of the Stanford University staff, including administrators, lecturers, and others who have contributed to the growth of the university.

Oral Histories

2011 | Project: Staff
Medical School - Communication & Public Affairs
Interviewer: Diamond, Diana
Spyros Andreopoulos recalls his career at the Medical School and the various deans he worked with, including Bob Alway, Bob Glaser and David Korn. He also discusses covering the news of Arthur Kornberg’s synthesis of biologically active DNA and Norman Shumway’s work in heart transplant. As...
1984 | Project: Staff
Interviewer: Timby, Sara
Celeste Ashley, a longtime reference librarian at Stanford, shares memories of her career as the theater librarian and of the changes she's observed at Stanford. Access Audio Access Transcript
2010 | Project: Diversity, | Project: Staff
Provost's Office
Interviewer: Schofield, Susan
Raymond F. Bacchetti was employed in senior administrative positions at Stanford from 1966 to 1993, primarily as director of university budgets under Presidents Richard Lyman and Donald Kennedy. He discusses his significant involvement in diversity issues during this period and his perspectives on...
2014 | Project: Staff
Provost's Office
Interviewer: Schofield, Susan
Ray Bacchetti, Vice President for Planning and Management, Emeritus, was an administrator at Stanford from 1963 to 1993. In this interview, he talks about his upbringing, his early administrative career while pursuing a PhD at Stanford’s School of Education, and his increasingly broad and...
1981 | Project: Staff
Student Affairs
Interviewer: Porter, Karen
Rosamund Bacon, a longtime staff member, shares memories of her time at Stanford in student affairs.  Access Interview
2018 | Project: Staff
Hopkins Marine Station
Interviewer: Wible, Joseph
Alan Baldridge, a former librarian at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, discusses the path that led him to Stanford, reminisces about change over time at Hopkins and some of his colleagues there, and talks about whales and whaling in the Monterey Bay area. His wife Sheila Baldridge contributes to...
2008 | Project: Growing Up on Campus, | Project: Staff
Hoover Institution
Interviewer: O'Connor, Caroline
Dennis L. Bark, emeritus senior fellow at the Hoover Instituttion, describes his family connections to Stanford and how his family returned to Stanford in the years immediately after World War II. He describes growing up in a neightborhood filled with faculty and their families, as well as spending...
1987 | Project: Faculty Spouses, | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Staff
Stanford Community
Interviewer: O'Donohue, Joanne
Eleanor Bark shares memories of her time at Stanford as an undergraduate student, a staff member and as a wife to a faculty member. Access Transcript Access Audio
2016 | Project: Community, | Project: Staff
Stanford Children's Hospital
Interviewer: Flynn-Do, Meiko
In this interview, Roslyn Bienenstock, a former president of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Northern California Chapter and a former chair of the board of the American Lung Association of Santa Clara County, discusses her experience both as a member of the Stanford community and as an active...
1981 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Staff
Interviewer: Bowes, Diana
Ruth Garland Bowes, Class of 1920, shares memories of her childhood in California, her years at Stanford as an undergraduate and medical student. She recalls her many years working at the Stanford Clinic, including during World War II. Access Audio  Access Transcript
1980 | Project: Staff
Student Affairs
Interviewer: Hall, Harvey; Hall, Marion
Harold K. Boyd, a longtime staff member, shares his memories of working at Stanford during a time when attention to diversity at the university came to the forefront. Boyd gives his perspective from working in both the Office of Development and the Office of Student Affairs.  Access Audio Access...
2009 | Project: Diversity, | Project: Staff
Student Affairs
Interviewer: Bacchetti, Ray
Harold K. Boyd came to Stanford just as attention to diversity was getting into first gear. By the time he moved to the Office of Development in 1980, the university’s efforts and accomplishments were well into second gear and had reached perhaps half-speed. Boyd’s perspective from the...
1987 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Staff
Business & Finance
Interviewer: de Roos, Robert
Alf Brandin, the former vice president for business affairs, shares memories of his undergraduate days at Stanford, his service during World War II and his return to Stanford as a staff member. He describes his experiences on the football team and in his numerous positions at the university through...
2010 | Project: Diversity, | Project: Staff
Interviewer: Schofield, Susan
John Bunnell talks about his thirty-five years working in the Stanford Admissions Office (1963 to 1998) under three Deans--Rixford Snyder, Fred Hargadon, and Jean Fetter. He discusses the significant efforts beginning in the late 1960s to recruit, enroll, and support Black, Mexican-...
2011 | Project: Diversity, | Project: Staff
Student Affairs
Interviewer: Lerner, Pam
Cecilia Burciaga speaks about the clash between individual and communal success, the victories and difficulties of minorities on university campuses, and Affirmative Action. She discusses her views on international diversity vs. domestic diversity, and her experiences of the Inter-Agency...
1981 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Staff
Holly Ceideburg speaks at a Stanford Historical Society about her time as an undergraduate student and as secretary to the registrar. She speaks about her memories of Sam McDonald, the longtime superintendent of athletic grounds and buildings.  Access Interview
2011 | Project: Diversity, | Project: Staff
Student Affairs
Interviewer: Kiefer, Joyce
When Alice Supton Chanowitz came to Stanford in 1973, she spent half her time as secretary to the Committee on Undergraduate Studies and half as support for the Urban Studies Program. During the next two years she worked as director of SCIRE (Student Center for Innovation...
2017 | Project: Staff
Admissions, President's Office
Interviewer: Marine-Street, Natalie J.
Jean H. Chu (formerly Jean H. Fetter) discusses her twenty-five-year career at Stanford University where she served as Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, as assistant to two university presidents (Richard W. Lyman and Gerhard Casper), and in other administrative capacities. Access Audio Access...