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Presidential Families

Interviews with spouses, children, and other family members of Stanford University leaders. 

Oral Histories

2009 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Founding Grant, | Project: Presidential Families
Interviewer: Kiefer, Joyce
Leonard W. Ely, grandson of Stanford President Ray Lyman Wilbur and Stanford Class of 1948, discusses his father's work in the orthopedic department in the Stanford hospital and his undergraduate education as an economics major. He also discusses how he has stayed connected to the university...
2018 | Project: Presidential Families, | Project: Staff
Medical School - Community and Patient Relations
Interviewer: Tracy, Allison
Jeanne D. Kennedy’s oral history is a fascinating account of her life as the spouse of a faculty member, government official, and university leader and the career she built separately. She speaks about her role as a faculty wife and as the wife of university president, Donald Kennedy. She also...
| Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Presidential Families, | Project: Staff
Interviewer: Horton, Larry
This interview was conducted in 2020 and is currently in processing. We hope to have it up as soon as possible. Please direct any inquiries to
2010 | Project: Faculty Spouses, | Project: Presidential Families
Stanford Community
Interviewer: Wise, Christy
Jing Lyman’s oral history interviews cover the period of her life spanning her childhood to her departure from Stanford University at the time of the resignation of her husband, Richard W. Lyman, from the presidency of Stanford University. Lyman grew up in a politically...
2009 | Project: Presidential Families
Stanford Community
Interviewer: Glasser, Charlotte
Jeanne Kennedy, former spouse of university president Donald Kennedy, and David Voss, the manager at Hoover House from 1981 to 1984, provide information and anecdotes about Billie Bell (1927-2009), the housekeeper at Hoover House for nearly thirty years. Access Audio Access Transcript
2013 | Project: Presidential Families
Stanford Community
Interviewer: Schofield, Susan
Judith Sterling Plunkett, the youngest of three children of Wally and Ann Sterling, moved to Stanford with her family at age five. She speaks fondly about growing up in Hoover House and reminisces about both of her parents, the house itself, house staff, childhood activities, and the...
1981 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Faculty, | Project: Presidential Families
Medical School - Clinical Medicine
Interviewer: Glover, Frederic O.
Dwight Locke Wilbur was the son of Stanford president Ray Lyman Wilbur, a member of the class of 1923, and later a professor of medicine. In this oral history, he shares memories of his father and his time at Stanford.  Access Interview
1980 | Project: Faculty Spouses, | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Presidential Families
Medical School - Hospital Medical Auxiliary
Interviewer: Chase, Ann; Hall, Marion
Mary Sloan Wilbur, Class of 1922, shares her memories of Stanford as a student, a faculty wife, and a volunteer with the Stanford Hospital Auxiliary. She was also the daughter-in-law of Stanford's third president, Ray Lyman Wilbur.    Access Interview