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Pioneering Women

Oral histories and video-taped panel conversations with trailblazing women on the Stanford faculty and staff.

Oral Histories

2016 | Project: Pioneering Women, | Project: Staff
President's Office
Interviewer: Devaney, Patricia L.
Anne S. Miner, a professor emeritus known for her research on management and organizational learning, worked at Stanford University in the 1970s as a consultant to the president on affirmative action for women and as the university’s affirmative action officer. She is recognized for her...
2012 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Steinhart, Peter
Nancy Huddleston Packer, the Melvin and Bill Lane Professor in the Humanities, Emerita, discusses how Stanford’s rise to eminence came about largely through the efforts of President J.E. Wallace Sterling and Provost Frederick Emmons Terman. According to Packer, Sterling was adept at...
2014 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Tracy, Allison
Nancy Huddleston Packer is the Melvin and Bill Lane Professor in the Humanities and Professor of English, Emerita. She talks about her undergraduate and graduate education as a time of maturing into a responsible student who studied theology as an intellectual pursuit rather than a...
2018 | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Strober, Myra
  In this video panel, five of Stanford's pioneering women faculty members discuss their career journeys. Topics covered include family expectations, the role of mentors, and the way gender influenced their treatment by colleagues, students, and others. Participants include Sarah S. Donaldson (...
1977 | Project: Faculty Spouses, | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Medical School - Pediatrics
Interviewer: Davis, Margo
In this interview conducted late in her life, Dr. Ann Peril Purdy, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Emerita, at the Stanford School of Medicine, provides information about her childhood in Canada and her motivation for pursing a career in medicine.  In addition to her career in pediatric cardiology...
2014 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
SLAC, Physics
Interviewer: Waldron, Manjula
Helen R. Quinn begins with her childhood growing up in Australia and how that experience, including intellectual discussions with her father and brothers, influenced her in life. Her family moved to the United States when she was college age. Quinn continues with her experiences at...
2019 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Marques, Nadejda
In this oral history for the Stanford Faculty and Stanford Pioneering Women oral history projects, law professor Deborah Rhode reminisces about her upbringing in suburban Chicago, her undergraduate and legal education at Yale, and her career in academia in the fields of legal ethics, leadership,...
2016 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Medical School - Developmental Biology
Interviewer: Rodriguez, Michela
The renowned developmental biologist Lucy Shapiro discusses her childhood in New York City, her early educational focus on the arts, and her transition to scientific research after graduating from Brooklyn College. She discusses her graduate education, her research on the Caulobacter bacterium, the...
2021 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Medical School - Urology
Interviewer: Marine-Street, Natalie
Linda Dairiki Shortliffe, the Stanley McCormick Memorial Professor of Urology Emerita, shares memories of her family and education, her career in the Stanford School of Medicine’s Department of Urology and at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto, and her practice and research in...
2015 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Babcock, Barbara
A group of Stanford women faculty members--Leonore A. Herzenberg (Medical School - Genetics); Marion Lewenstein (Communication); Eleanor Emmons Maccoby (Psychology); Nancy Huddleston Packer (English)--discuss how they came to work at Stanford and the family situations they found themselves in when...
1977 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Davis, Margo
An interview with child development expert, Lois Meek Stolz.  Topics covered include her experience teaching in the public schools in Washington, DC; the progressive education movement; her education at Columbia Teachers College in the 1920s; her experience in opening childcare centers at the...
2016 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Luu, Vy
Myra Strober is Professor of Education, Emerita at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and Professor of Economics (by courtesy) at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her research and consulting focus on gender issues in the workplace, the economics of work and family, and...
| Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Samra, Sukhi
This interview was conducted in 2016 and is currently in processing. We hope to have it up as soon as possible. Please direct any inquiries to
2020 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
African and Afro-American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese
Interviewer: Marine-Street, Natalie
Sylvia Wynter, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and of African and Afro-American Studies, Emerita, shares reflections on her life and work. She describes growing up in Jamaica and the impact of colonialism and the anti-colonial movement on her life; her education in England; and her writings and...