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Life histories of Stanford faculty members from across the university. Topics include family background and early life, undergraduate and graduate education, pre-Stanford career, coming to Stanford, research, teaching, university service, and more.

Oral Histories

2009 | Project: Diversity, | Project: Faculty
Political Science
Interviewer: Schofield, Susan
David Abernethy, Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, discusses the changes in diversity on Stanford campus between the late 1960s and the late 1980s. He explains his role in the events of that time, including “Taking the Mic.” This interview also encompasses Abernethy’s take on the...
2016 | Project: Faculty
Medical School - Radiology
Interviewer: Berra, Kathy
Herbert Abrams was an emeritus professor of radiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, a senior research fellow at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and a prolific author of books and scholarly articles. He contributed greatly to the Stanford...
2010 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Faculty
Mechanical Engineering
Interviewer: Humburg, Judith
James L. Adams, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus, discusses his pre-Stanford life and career that formed the basis for his innovative contributions to Stanford’s undergraduate and graduate education across the...
1980 | Project: Faculty
Medical School - Pediatrics
Interviewer: Glover, Frederic O.
Robert Alway, professor of medicine and dean of the Medical School, shares memories from his time at Stanford, including the move of the Medical School from San Francisco to the Stanford campus.   Access Audio Access Transcript
2017 | Project: Faculty
Interviewer: Thomas, Odette
In this oral history from 2017, the noted econometrician Takeshi Amemiya, Edward Ames Edmonds Professor of Economics, Emeritus, describes his early life in wartime Japan, his education in economics, and his years on the faculty of the Department of Economics at Stanford University. His wife,...
2012 | Project: Faculty
Statistics, Economics
Interviewer: Mitchell, David
Theodore Anderson, emeritus professor in statistics and economics, was a leading authority in Econometrics and was one of the first people at Stanford to hold appointments in two departments. This oral history encompasses his long life, starting with his background as the son of a college president...
| Project: Faculty
German Studies
Interviewer: Marincovich, Michele
This interview was conducted in 2019 and is currently in processing. We hope to have it up as soon as possible. Please direct any inquiries to
2011 | Project: Faculty
Interviewer: Hibbard, Jane
Professor Emeritus Kenneth Joseph Arrow discusses his long and varied career. He begins with a description of his family background and an extensive explanation of his educational background, from the early signs of intelligence through a special accelerated high school program and on to...
| Project: Faculty
Medical School - Pediatrics
Interviewer: Marine-Street, Natalie
This interview was conducted in 2019 and is currently in processing. We hope to have it up as soon as possible. Please direct any inquiries to
2019 | Project: Faculty
Energy Resources Engineering
Interviewer: Gamlen, Tod
Professor Emeritus Khalid Aziz, an expert in the field of petroleum engineering, describes his early life in India and Pakistan, his education at the University of Michigan, the University of Alberta, and Rice University, and his research on multi-phase flow in pipelines and reservoir simulation....
2015 | Project: Faculty, | Project: Pioneering Women
Interviewer: Brest,Iris
Barbara Babcock traces the journey of her growing up in a little town in Arkansas to eventually becoming the head of the Washington DC Public Defenders, the first woman faculty member at Stanford Law School, the Assistant US Attorney General for the Civil Division, the author of two casebooks and a...
1987 | Project: Faculty
Interviewer: R.L.
Harold Bacon, professor of mathematics, shares memories from his time in the Mathematics Department at Stanford. He describes the atmosphere at Stanford during and immediately after World War II and shares insight into some of his research. Access Transcript
1978 | Project: Alumni Interviews, | Project: Faculty
Interviewer: Glover, Frederic O.
Thomas A. Bailey shares memories of his student days at Stanford during the 1920s and his years as a faculty member in the Stanford Department of History, where he taught from 1930 to 1968. He reflects on teaching and students and offers his impresssions of Stanford presidents Donald Tresidder, J....
2019 | Project: Faculty
Medical School - Biochemistry
Interviewer: Marine-Street, Natalie
Robert Lesh “Buzz” Baldwin is a professor of biochemistry emeritus at Stanford University. In this oral history, he covers his childhood in Wisconsin; the work of his father, Ira L. Baldwin, for the US government during World War II; and his experiences as a student and professor. Topics covered...
1980 | Project: Faculty
Political Science
Interviewer: Glover, Frederic O.; Press, Harry
Thomas Swain Barclay, professor of political science emeritus, shares memories of his career as a politician and professor at Stanford   Access Audio Access Transcript
2012 | Project: Faculty
Interviewer: Leichter, Helene
Arthur Barnes, Professor of Music, Emeritus, describes his childhood growing up in Ohio, his early education, professional career as a symphony musician and conductor in the Midwest and Fresno, California, and his subsequent move to Stanford to obtain his doctorate in conducting. Barnes...
2016 | Project: Faculty
Hopkins Marine Station
Interviewer: Maher, Susan
Charles H. “Chuck” Baxter, a biology lecturer emeritus at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, talks about his family background and his path to Stanford. He describes his approach to teaching and discusses his participation in several endeavors that have had a deep and lasting...
2019 | Project: Faculty
Applied Physics
Interviewer: Gifford, Jonathan
Malcolm Beasley, professor of applied physics emeritus, reflects on his research in superconductivity and his career at Stanford, including his tenure as the dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S) from 1998 to 2001. Beasley also discusses his family background and early years; his...