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Interviews with community members who have witnessed change over time at Stanford.

Oral Histories

2016 | Project: Community, | Project: Staff
Stanford Children's Hospital
Interviewer: Flynn-Do, Meiko
In this interview, Roslyn Bienenstock, a former president of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Northern California Chapter and a former chair of the board of the American Lung Association of Santa Clara County, discusses her experience both as a member of the Stanford community and as an active...
1988 | Project: Community, | Project: Leadership, | Project: Trustees
Stanford Community
Interviewer: Adams, Judy
John W. Dinkelspiel shares memories of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and a history of his family. Access Interview
1989 | Project: Community, | Project: Philanthropists
Stanford Community
Cecil H. Green shares memories of his childhood, education, and how he came to live in Palo Alto. He describes his interest in Stanford and his philanthropic involvement at the university. Access Interview
2018 | Project: Community, | Project: Staff
Interviewer: Marine-Street, Natalie
In this three-part oral history interview, Alfred E. “Al” Kaehler, a retired mechanical engineer and resident of Palo Alto since 1953, reminisces about his upbringing in rural northern California in the 1920s, his work as a junior scientist on the Manhattan Project, his employment as an engineer at...
1980 | Project: Community
Stanford Community
Interviewer: Glover, Frederic O.
Anna Jagels Leu shares memories of the Palo Alto community and Stanford University.    Access Interview
1990 | Project: Community
Stanford Community
Dr. Sidney Mitchell, a retired doctor at the Palo Alto Clinic, shares his memories of Palo Alto during the second half of the twentieth century. Access Interview
1987 | Project: Faculty Spouses, | Project: Community
Stanford Community
Interviewer: Spears, Virginia; Williams, Gertrude
Virginia Page shares memories from the early days of the Community Committee for International Students. She also recalls her experiences at Stanford as the wife of longtime Geology professor Benjamin Markham Page. Access Transcript Access Audio