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Oral History Projects

Groups of women students in a folksinging group
Interviews with Stanford alumni about their student days and life after Stanford.
Students in line as they receive diplomas at 1957 commencement ceremony
Interviews with members of the Stanford graduating class of 1957 conducted during their fiftieth reunion weekend in 2007. Topics include Stanford student life and traditions during the 1950s, residence halls, memorable Stanford faculty and visitors, favorite Stanford moments, and reflections on...
Image of art students at easels in Quad. 1950s
Interviews with members of the Stanford graduating class of 1958 conducted during their fiftieth reunion weekend in 2008. Topics include Stanford student life and traditions during the 1950s, residence halls, memorable Stanford faculty and visitors, favorite Stanford moments, and reflections on...
Stanford University Museum of Art
The Arts at Stanford Oral History Project aims to conduct oral history interviews with Stanford faculty, staff, donors, and others to illuminate the history and evolution of the arts at Stanford. The first phase of the project focuses on the visual arts at Stanford, especially the collections and...
The collection contains interviews with four Stanford athletes who have been inducted into Stanford's Athletic Hall of Fame. The interviews were conducted in 2010 by Jim Rutter.
The Stanford Athletics Oral History Project examines the evolution of Stanford University’s athletic program since the 1960s. It aims to document the program's journey from “good to great,” identify individual contributors and institutional decisions contributing to program growth, and situate...
Interviews with community members who have witnessed change over time at Stanford.
Ballet Folklorico de Stanford
Recorded as part of the 2019 Latino Alumni Summit, these interviews explored the lives of Latino students at Stanford from the 1970s through the 2000s. Interviewees were asked to reflect on how they came to Stanford, the experience of Latino students during their time here, challenges they faced,...
Stanford faculty in regalia walking through arches
Life histories of Stanford faculty members from across the university. Topics include family background and early life, undergraduate and graduate education, pre-Stanford career, coming to Stanford, research, teaching, university service, and more.
Photo of faculty senate meeting in 2018
Through interviews with former Stanford Faculty Senate chairs, academic secretaries, and others, this project captures first-hand accounts of the senate’s origins and operational character, its evolution and impact, and the events it has grappled with over the years. Launched to recognize the 50th...
Main Quad Arches
Reflections on family, career, academia, and life at Stanford from spouses of Stanford faculty members.
The crest of the Founding Grant Society, which is composed of intertwined script letters "LSJ" on top of a shield-like emblem
Interviews with members of the Founding Grant Society, an organization that recognizes individuals who provide support for Stanford in their wills, trusts, or other planned gifts. Interviews explore narrators' sense of connection to the university, their most memorable Stanford experiences, the...
Littlefield Center
This collection of older interviews conducted by the Graduate School of Business with its professors explores the history of the school; financial history; curriculum; International Center for the Advancement of Management Education (ICAME); the Public Management Program; and female students and...
Interviews with children of faculty members and other who grew up on the Stanford Campus in the first half of the twentieth century.
Photograph of Richard W. Lyman, Donald Kennedy, and J.E. Wallace Sterling in acadmic regalia at ceremony
Oral history interviews with Stanford University presidents, provosts, trustees, and more.
Medical School in San Francisco Photo
 A group of distinguished professors from the Stanford School of Medicine discuss the impacts of the school's 1959 move from San Francisco to the Stanford campus. 
During the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration at Stanford University in 2011, the Stanford Historical Society conducted interviews with fourteen Peace Corps volunteers.
Image of west entrance to Green Library with man sitting on steps
An interview with Cecil Green.
Photo of Myra Strober, when assistant professor in the Graduate School of Business, taken in 1972. Seated at desk
Oral histories and video-taped panel conversations with trailblazing women on the Stanford faculty and staff.
Photo of Jing Lyman and Richard W. Lyman holding hands and walking
Interviews with spouses, children, and other family members of Stanford University leaders. 
photograph of Stanford University president J.E. Wallace Sterling seated at desk
Recollections of Stanford University President J.E. Wallace Sterling from staff members who worked with him.
Interviews with members of the Stanford University staff, including administrators, lecturers, and others who have contributed to the growth of the university.
A3M Students
The purpose of the project is to document the experiences, background, and life trajectories of participants in “the Movement,” the term used by group leaders to describe a diverse collection of activists that coalesced at and around Stanford University from about 1963 to 1973, especially although...
Board of Trustees Meeting Photo
Interviews with former members of Stanford University's Board of Trustees recall key events and people in university history and explore the day to day aspects of university governance.
The Stanford Community Women’s March Oral History Project captures the testimonies of members of the Stanford community who attended the Women’s March on Washington or any of the companion marches held around the world on January 21, 2017. A historically significant event, the 2017 women’s marches...