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Photo of Leland, Jane and Leland Jr. at the Walery Studio in Paris c. 1881-1883.

The Stanford Family. Leland, Jane and Leland Jr. sat for this portrait at the Walery Studio in Paris c. 1881-1883.

The Stanford Historical Society welcomes everyone with or without Stanford affiliation to become members. 

The society provides its members and supporters access to the authentic Stanford story, offering opportunities for preserving and sharing the university’s legacy and celebrating its history. SHS programming, research, public outreach, digital assets, publications and archival support create a personal and intellectual connection between its members and the university. Currently there are over 800 members and about 200 volunteers. Many members regularly attend the exclusive members-only events and monthly programs as well as volunteer in society projects.

The society publishes a journal, Sandstone & Tile, three times a year and occasional books of historical interest. It presents programs on various aspects of Stanford’s history, sponsors tours of historic homes and gardens on campus, conducts and makes accessible online oral history interviews on an ongoing basis .

Founded in 1976 by a group of close-knit alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, the mission of the society is to foster and support the documentation, study, publication, dissemination, and preservation of the history of Stanford University. It encourages the study and understanding of the ideals of the university's founders, and participates in university efforts such as Founders' Celebration and Stanford's 125th anniversary celebration to recognize the historical significance of university accomplishments.

The society supports itself financially through tax-deductible membership dues and occasional gifts.

If you would like to support the mission and the programming of the Stanford Historical Society, please consider making a gift or becoming a member. You could visit this web page for more details.