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Board of Directors

The Stanford Historical Society is governed by the Board of Directors. The board, consisting of 19 current and retired Stanford faculty and staff members, alumni and members of the community, is elected by the Society's members at the annual members' meeting in May. It has the responsibility to develop policies and procedures and programs for the Society; to monitor the Society's financial health and overall performance; and to ensure that the Society has the resources necessary to fulfill its mission.

Board Officers, 2017-2018

President Laura Jones Laura Jones, President
Vice President Marie Earl Marie Earl, Vice President
Secretary Pamela Moreland Pamela Moreland
Treasurer Steve Dunatov Steve Dunatov, Treasurer

Board of Directors, 2017-2018

Kate Chesley Katherine Chesley Victor Madrigal Victor Madrigal
Richard W. Cottle Richard W. Cottle Susan Maher Susan Maher
Megan W. Davis Megan W. Davis Michele Marincovich Michele Marincovich
Steve Dunatov Steve Dunatov, Treasurer Pamela Moreland Pamela Moreland
Marie Earl Marie Earl Stephen Player Steven Player
David Freyberg David Freyberg Susan Schofield Susan Scholefield
Daniel Hartwig Daniel Hartwig Steve Staiger Steve Staiger
Larry Horton Larry Horton Gail Woolley Gail Woolley
Laura Jones Laura Jones, Vice President & President Elect Rick Yuen Rick Yuen
Leslie Kim