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Board of Directors

The Stanford Historical Society is governed by the Board of Directors. The board, consisting of 23 current and retired Stanford faculty and staff members, alumni and members of the community, is elected by the Society's members at the annual members' meeting in May. It has the responsibility to develop policies and procedures and programs for the Society; to monitor the Society's financial health and overall performance; and to ensure that the Society has the resources necessary to fulfill its mission.

Board Officers, 2022-2023

President Geoffrey Cox
Vice President Jennifer Cauble
Vice President Charles Junkerman
Secretary Jonathan Gifford
Treasurer Kristen Domingo

Board of Directors, 2022-2023

Nathaniel Andrew Boswell Beverly Kiltz
Jennifer Cauble Noe Pablo Lozano
Jeannie Crumly Cole Sapna Marfatia
Geoffrey Cox Jean McCown
Andy DiPaolo Katie Nash
Kristen Domingo Sandra Pearson
David Freyberg Josh Schneider
Jonathan Gifford Katie Shoven ( on leave)
Pat Lopes Harris Robert Siegel
Margo Horn Karen Springen
Charles Junkerman Allyn Taylor